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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions come from commonly logged support calls. Based on the frequency of the requested solutions to these calls determines the questions that are posted on this page.
REMINDER: all Logscan and Ezlog software products contain extensive help that can be accessed by pressing F1 or through menus

 Logscan Family

  How do I install a workstation if my company is a networked installation?
   - if your company was installed as a network installation (multiple users are able to audit logs) then go to windows explorer from the computer you intend to use      as the new workstation and locate the network "Logscan" folder i.e. "F:\Logscan" and locate a folder under it called "Install". Open this folder and double click      on "Setup.exe" accepting all defaults. Your workstation will automatically be installed and setup with an icon located on your desktop.

  I received a CDROM for Logscan and I'm already a customer, what should I do?
   - the disk is an upgrade for the overall system that you'll receive based on a request or support package. Before installing the upgrade you should perform a      clean-up and then make sure all users are out of the system. Insert the CD into your CDROM drive (install from a workstation if a network installation) then      from the menu that appears on your screen, choose upgrade. If your prompted to insert the license disk, insert the new floppy disk that accompanied your      Logscan CDROM disk, changing the company name that appears in the box (if desired) and remove all disks when finished.

  Logscan tells me the scanner can not be found, now what?
    - if you're using a twain scanner that is using a SCSI card as an interface, the most probable cause is the computer was booted up without the scanner being      turned on first. Turn your computer and scanner off, next turn your scanner on then turn on (boot) your computer.

  Can I install my data on a network even though I'm not a network installation?
    -YES... Many companies do this to back up their data with their regular network backup. It requires changing a few settings in your configuration and copying      your current data to the location (must be a mapped drive on a file server) you choose. It's requested that you contact Scanware Technical Support to assist      you for a smooth transition.

  I click on the Logscan icon and nothing happens and I'm a network installation, what's wrong?
    - Over the years we've found the most common answer is that your workstation lost the connection to the server or lost the mapping. Contact your IT       department to verify if your computer is able to connect to the server and if you can get to the Logscan directory, contact Scanware Technical Support for       other possible causes.

 Ezlog Family

  When exiting the program sometimes, I see something installing to Ezlog on my screen. What is this?
   -When you're connected to the network with Ezlog Machine or Ezlog Scan, it automatically checks for updates, downloads them if necessary, then installs them      when you exit the program. This is normal and keeps you from having to upgrade the program manually.

  How do I view my logs or run reports online?
No matter what flavor of Ezlog your using, all companies access through the same portal. You can get there from any computer that is connected to the      internet by opening a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® and typing in the following address, "www.logscan.com" From there you'll need to enter      your user name and password. If you don't currently have a online account and you're a Ezlog Family customer, contact Scanware Customer Support to      request one.

  I forgot my online access user name or password, now what?
for security purposes we require you to contact Scanware Customer Support to assist you. They will be happy to assist you and can be reached during our      normal business hours.

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