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Download & Installation Instructions

If you are using Windows Vista please click here

You will receive a screen as shown below. Choose Run to start the installation program and ignore any digital signature warnings that may appear.

Note: if you do not see Run, then choose Save to download the installation file and save it on your hard drive or desktop. Double click the file you've downloaded to run the setup program.

Security Warning in Internet Explorer

Follow all prompts and use the default settings during installation.
An icon to the program will be created on you desktop after installation.
Click on the icon to open Logscan OnBoard.

Once you've downloaded and installed the program follow these easy setup tips
If "Manage My Environment " does not appear, then from the top menu click
Tools > Manage My Environment and the following screen will appear:


Enter all of your information, including the log form (required) you wish to use. There are many log forms available with many in use by carriers.

When the log is printed, the company name and address display on the log are based on
what you (the driver) typed into these fields:

1) Name of Carrier I Drive For
Name of your company or the carrier you drive for, i.e."Mikes Trucking, Scanware Trucking "

2) Their Main Office Address
Either your business address or the company's main office address
Note: Although these are one time settings, you can change the company name and address
at any time.

Activating your License (if you wish to purchase the program after your initial 30 day trial period)

Select Activate from the main menu or make the appropriate selection from the To Scanware
item on the Connect Menu.

The following screen will display. Type in any promotion code that may be available and enter your credit card information.

Click the submit button to send the information to Scanware and receive the license that will
activate Logscan OnBoard as a fully registered product.

If you require help with the program you can press F1 anywhere in the program or
go to the help menu at the top of the window you're currently and select "Help"